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EXCELLENCE is the adjective by which all Plastic Surgeons must measure themselves. The best way to achieve this is, first; by preparing themselves with the scientific knowledge of the human body that is required. Second by having that sensibility which only some people have it’s called ARTISTIC TALENT.

Not just any artist with knowledge can create a masterpiece; not all good musicians can compose a Fifth Symphony nor just any designer or sculptor create a David. It requires the genius of an artist to improvise his art and to command the power to paint a masterpiece on the Sistine Chapel.


The true Plastic Surgeon should be an artist, and the difference with other artists is that our craft consists of modifying and sometimes positively altering a marvelous machine, which is called the human body.


The magnificence of the material that we use and that serves us to manifest our craft; in contrast to the materials that other artists use, is that ours is a unique material, very special, ever changing, dynamic, and alive, that has feelings and thinks and can also praise or criticize our results.


Masterpieces and results will always be different as all people are different. One technique will not have the same result on two people even though the imperfection may be similar, since these two people are completely different in reference to their biological and psychological response even though they might be twins.


Here is where not only scientific knowledge, common sense and logic come to play; the plastic surgeon requires that special touch that only a true artist has in order to know how, when and where to achieve a result that not only satisfies us, but that the masterpiece or patient be satisfied with the result as well.And so, I suggest that before any patient puts their body and life in the hands of a surgeon, to verify and certify that it is the right person, not only medically certified but also as a person and master of his craft.


If for some reason find yourself unsatisfied with your appearance or personal demeanor and you wish to modify or improve it and you are contemplating plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery; then I invite you to visit my website; where I can show you my credentials, my professional life and my 24 year experience in my specialty; which I demonstrate with pre and post operation photos of some of my patients. I also supplement that with information about some of the surgical procedures most frequently requested.


My surgical results have been fine-tuned to the benefit of my patients, with the discovery of new techniques and technologies that have further reduced the few incidences of possible complications and have also reduced the hospitalization period and as a consequence has also reduced the costs of surgery, not only has that achieved lower prices, higher result expectation but also reduced post-op recuperation time. I perform all surgeries in my clinic, which is not only well equipped with everything necessary such as professional personnel, and medical instruments to perform any surgical procedure in the branch.

What better place to do our work than in such a beautiful and tranquil city such as Ensenada, where the United States is close, the climate is pleasant, and its residents are welcoming and simple. Also, without mentioning that plastic surgery in Mexico, for various reasons, is less costly without sacrificing quality, as long as you verify that the surgeon be certified by the Mexican Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery (www.cirugiaplastica.org.mx)




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Ensenada Plastic Surgeons - Ensenada Plastic Surgery



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Ensenada Plastic Surgeons - Ensenada Plastic Surgery
Ensenada Plastic Surgeons - Ensenada Plastic Surgery